Funny Zoom Video Backgrounds


Funny Zoom Video Background 

Is it your first time video chatting with someone on Zoom? If so, you can use funny  zoom video backgrounds to break the ice or get someone to laugh. Our collection of funny virtual background videos will make a stronger impact than backdrop images, since videos create a sensation of a moving environment. These effects will take your video call experience to the next level without having to invest in green screen equipment.

Why Use Funny Zoom Video Backgrounds

Virtual backgrounds for video calls have become exceptionally popular these days when most communication is taking place online. The lack of in-person conversations can take a toll on people’s mood. A funny virtual background could be just what they need to lighten up their day on your next video call. Besides, these types of backgrounds will help you present yourself as a funny and laid back person. 


The best thing about using a funny video conference background is that it is extremely easy to set up. Unlike what you might’ve read online, you do not need a green screen to change your video background. Zoom has made it very easy to replace the background of your video calls. All you have to do is download one of our video backgrounds and upload it to your account. From there, you will be able to select the video background for your next call. Our video backgrounds are appropriately formatted for Zoom calls and ready to use right after download.