News Desk Anchor Zoom Backgrounds

Be on the news in your next Zoom or Google Meet Call! These are real newsdesk backgrounds in greenscreen style.

Our collection of studio background HD images will allow you to create professional news style clips or add a virtual studio background to any Zoom meeting. Whether you’re working for a news outlet or you’re making video calls and you want to seem professional, a background virtual studio will help take your work to the next level. 

Why Choose News Zoom Backgrounds

Regardless of the occasion, virtual news background images will elevate the quality of content you are producing, as well as make you appear more sophisticated in Zoom video meetings. If you are not sure whether a virtual news studio background is a good fit for you, just ask yourself what does your audience want to see? If you are providing any sort of information during a Zoom call or a video filming session, a studio background will give the viewers a sense of trust and authority. 

You can make a big difference in the quality of your convent with a free virtual news studio background. All you have to do is scroll through the studio backgrounds we offer and choose one that fits your needs best. Download it to your device and insert the HD image into your Zoom account to start using your brand new virtual studio background. The next time you have to deliver news or information to any third party, you will be able to do so in style!