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Blur Backgrounds

Do you want to appear professional on your next virtual meeting but you’re just not sure what kind of background to set up? One thing certain, you should never get into a Zoom video conference without a HD image background. We can all agree that living rooms and kitchens don’t leave a positive impact when video chatting with professionals. One way you can elevate your status through Zoom video calls is with a blur out background image.

Why Choose Blur Zoom Video Backgrounds?

If you cannot decide which of our Zoom background categories would best suit the video chat occasion, the best thing you can do is opt for a blur out background. These are neutral backgrounds that don’t directly represent any sort of environment. They simply provide a nice and minimal backdrop that will remove any potential distractions that might get in the way during the video call.


Moreover, Zoom blur backgrounds are the best choice for first-time video calls with business partners, co-workers, or managers. Perhaps an office environment might seem like too much for a certain video call, whereas a funny background just doesn’t fit in the scenario. In this case, a blurred image background will make the difference between not putting any effort into your call and preparing to present yourself in the best light.