Nature Zoom Video Background

Looking for a relaxing video background for Zoom? Our category of nature virtual backgrounds for video calls will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a lush green field or a mountain. Working from home or chatting with friends during social distancing can be a challenge, especially after a while when things get monotonous. One way to make your Zoom calls more interesting is to set up a video background of a natural setting such as a park, mountain, or a green field. 

Why Choose Nature Zoom Video Background Copy

Our collection of nature Zoom video backgrounds will allow you to place your online conversations and meetings in a peaceful and relaxing environment. A video background will look more realistic compared to a steady image on the screen. Whether you are trying to impress the person behind the other screen or you simply want to enjoy a peaceful background on your call, the quality of our virtual background videos will surprise you.


All you have to do is choose one of our Zoom virtual background videos, download it and add it to your Zoom account on desktop or mobile platforms. From there, just select the new video as your background before you enter the next call. Don’t forget that we offer a variety of virtual background video categories so you can adjust your virtual environment to any type of meeting or call.