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Travelling Zoom Video Background

With quarantine and social distancing rules in place, traveling has become nearly impossible. We can only dream of visiting new places until the world is ready to accept tourists again. The good thing is, you can still use travelling zoom video backgrounds to feel like you are on an adventure again. Our collection of travel backgrounds for Zoom will let you visit the world’s top locations from the comfort of your home.

Why Choose Travelling Zoom Video Background Copy

Tired of the same old surroundings? Here’s an easy solution! Download one of our travelling virtual backgrounds for video calls on Zoom and make it look like you woke up in Paris, London, or any other popular location in the world. Being stuck in the same place can get old way too fast. Luckily, you can change your virtual environment with only a few clicks so you can look forward to your next Zoom video call.


To change your ordinary Zoom background into a travelling backdrop, go ahead and pick one of our traveling video backgrounds. Download it on your device and log into your Zoom account to change the virtual settings. To do so, simply upload the video background to your account and select it as the backdrop next time you jump into a Zoom chat. It is so easy that you will want to switch between fun virtual surroundings every day!