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Remote Workers New Secret Language: Dunder Mifflin and Initech Zoom Backgrounds

Scranton, PA - It's 2023 and remote work is here to stay. In this new landscape employees are developing their own ‘looks at camera’ moments via Zoom. In fact, they're using it to send coworkers a kind of status update in a new secret language. is reporting a surge in demand for images inspired by Dunder Mifflin and Initech #cubiclelife. They did a recent survey of people having video conferences for work at least once a week and found some surprising facts. 

"We are seeing a rise in Zoom background use as a kind of office or mood avatar for meetings," said James Bradshaw from TheZoomBackgrounds. "They’re often swapped out to match the person's mood, or the vibe of the meeting."

According to survey data, 33.2% of respondents said a funny image would be in their top three choices out of nine background styles offered, including business, nature, or home settings. Additionally, 11% of respondents selected  a funny or ironic image as their top choice.

Men were twice as likely to use a funny or ironic image on Zoom meetings.

Background usage on Zoom calls  is much higher than expected. When asked "Do You Ever Use a Background Image on Video Meetings? respondents reported: survey results graphic

So, if you're a boss and you're seeing a lot of Dunder Mifflin and Initech backgrounds in your next Zoom meeting, don't be surprised. It's simply your employees using a new secret language to send a message (hopefully not that you are a thief of joy.)




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