6 Ways to Look Professional on Zoom

Most of us have been into social distancing for weeks and would have logged many Zoom meetings. The time spent on Zoom, when you focus your face subconsciously, you must have realized how pathetic your laptop camera is. It doesn't yield your good side, neither some good lighting or ambiance. On top of it, connectivity issues may further worsen the case. Luckily, there are ways to look professional on Zoom and minimize all those distractions that hinder your way to look and feel professional on Zoom. Explore those in this article. Not sure Zoom is right for you? Check out our Zoom vs Skype comparison.

Way # 1: Good Lighting

To look good and professional on Zoom, lighting is critically important. If possible, sit in a way that you are facing a window. Natural light works well; however, artificial light is a more flexible option. If you use an artificial light source, keep it in front of you as keeping it behind often produces silhouette. One option to consider can be a selfie ring LED lamp with a tripod ring that can also hold your mobile phone. It's available in three tones usually; white, warm, and mixed. You can always take a shortcut and try out the zoom background blur download we have offered.

Way # 2: Good Sound

To look professional on Zoom, it is more about how you look. How you get heard is equally important. Use a branded microphone not to only reduce the background noise but also to focus easily on what others are saying. You can consider Samson Go Mic clip mini portable recording microphone that comes with a USB cable and carrying case for the computer.  Using a high-quality microphone like this gives a better sound during Zoom meetings and makes you look professional. Whether your meeting is about crisis communication or discussing a project, clear audio contributes to better understanding and engagement, making your virtual presence more impactful. Additionally, when connecting your microphone, be mindful of the choice between SDI vs HDMI to ensure seamless integration with your virtual setup.

Way # 3 Background

Your Zoom meeting environment says a lot about who you are. Indeed, bright light in your background is not the only thing to focus on.If you have Zoom meetings frequently, it is better to dedicate some simple and professional-looking space behind you for the meetings. Especially if you use Zoom as one of your customer communication tools, having a proper space is a must to leave a positive impression on your customers. However, not everyone can have such a dedicated professional looking place at home. No worries; if you use Zoom, there is an option to use a virtual custom background that not only hides your existing background but also gives your room a professional look. 

Way # 4 Perspective 

It's about positioning your face in front of the camera. Make sure you are not too close to it or else, it will show your distorted face. The best way to avoid it is to ensure that your webcams or mobile camera are not positioned on a wide-angle. You need to step back from the camera. The closer you are to the camera's wide-angle, the more distorted your face looks. 


Also, keep this in mind especially when sharing your screen to display a supply and demand graph, a chart, or any other visual element.

Way # 5 Hair

It doesn't mean to have a Met Gala hairstyle but surely implies not to have messy hair. Though with Zoom you can attend meetings at the comfort of your home, this comfort should not affect your proper hair styling. Make sure your hair is properly combed/trimmed or tied up to give you a professional look. 

Way # 6 Tools, Devices & Fixture

For sure, other factors help you look professional such as an amplifier to raise the quality of audio calls, a green screen for better background capturing, a laptop stand that helps maintain an optimal eye level, and a neat, comfortable to stay in the similar position throughout the meeting. 

Final Thoughts

Combining all these tips, you will be able to present yourself as a professional individual. Lastly, don't forget to get properly dressed and carry nice facial gestures.

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