Easy Steps to Create Comfortable Office at Your Home

While most of us are working remotely in the comfort of our homes, surely, we want to make the most of this facility. Working remotely from home gives many benefits like having your schedule, avoiding the daily commute, spending time with family, eating at your own pace, etc. However, being satisfied here requires creating a comfortable office at your home to acquire efficiency in these non-traditional work settings. This article talks about some easy steps to create a comfortable office at your home. And no worries, if your having a messy day be ready with one of our zoom blur downloads and show off a new home for a day.

Invest in an ultra-comfy chair

An ultra-comfy chair makes the gist of your comfortable home office. You spend almost 8 hours sitting on it; therefore, it is important to invest in the right chair. To get the best one for you, make sure it is made from durable materials, has enough arm, thigh and back support and comes with warranties. 

Keep the room tidy

Working from home means taking care of a lot of things like tasks, office hours, family time, breaks, etc. Don't forget cleaning to keep the room tidy, in the mid of it all. Have some time to clean and sanitize your office space and equipment at least twice a week.

Always keep the room single-purpose

To maintain your focus and energy while working from home, you must minimize tour distractions. Keeping the room for a single purpose i.e. for work helps achieve this goal. 

Make sure the room's temperature fits you

Fresh air and suitable temperature control are also important for the home office. Make sure your space is well ventilated. As recommended by EPA, the indoor humidity should be between 30 and 50%, and as per WHO, the temperature should be 64 °F (18 °C). 

Use a second monitor

A second monitor serves as a productivity superpower. An extra screen makes your tasks easier —, designing, coding, researching, and writing. It also facilitates multi-tasking. Many people hate juggling windows; for them, a second monitor is the best solution. 

Don’t forget mice and keyboards

Don't forget that besides bigger, more expensive equipment, keyboards and mouse are also worth investing in as they enhance comfort and productivity. We recommend mechanical keyboards as they make typing quite comfortable, and gaming mice as they fit hands comfortably being larger than other kinds. 

Consider buying a standing desk

The research finding stating that sitting for a prolonged time damages the back necessitates the usage of a standing desk. It is a tall desk letting you work in a standing position. You can adjust it as per your height. Some advanced versions can be turned into sit-down desks as required. 

Add some green plants

Make your home office breathable and feel fresh by putting some green plants. Plants not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space but also help reduce stress. Choose the plants that combat air pollution and can be maintained easily such as Boston fern, ficus, spider plant, money plant, etc.

Wire management

Working in between twisted cables and tangled cords doesn't make a comfortable office. Use zip ties and clamps to properly manage the wiring and keep your office being good to eyes.  You can take help from a professional if you want. 

High-speed internet

A significant part of your investment must go to internet connectivity and equipment. Slow connection greatly disturbs your workflows and reduces productivity and interest. You can install a Wifi router for better connectivity. However, keep it away from other appliances for the best signals.  

Keep space and equipment for brainstorming

Your work desk is the idea generator space. Therefore, you must have enough space in your home office where you can ponder your ideas and brainstorm. This space is purely based on your preference and may cosign of a realizing couch, a whiteboard, or a sofa or a simple standing desk. Keep equipment like a pinboard, notebooks, pens, board markers nearby. 

Add some personality and warmth with décor

Your home office gives you 100% flexibility to décor it as per your choice. Having your favorite artworks, decoration pieces and colors within our office space enhances your productivity and gives you happiness.  Use vibrant colors like red, orange, and yellow, and avoid dull ones. 

Maintain office hours

Don’t get stuck to your chair for more hours than your regular office hours as doing so curtails your productivity by making you tired and burdened. Finishing on time lets you have time for personal life and healthy hobbies.

Keep your office in a “ready” state

It means keeping your office in a state where you can start working as soon as you step in. It includes making a task list a day or night before, cleaning, keeping things easily accessible during work, having a switched-on computer, open curtains, etc. 

Use special apps

To be productive, using special apps are developed to keep your work organized and more efficient, helps a great deal. Some of our recommended apps include Serene (to keep your phone distraction-free), TamatoTimer (for managing time), Daywise (to manage your phone notifications), Zapier (to put repetitive tasks on automation), Trello (for project management), Eye Care 20 20 20 ( to look after your eyes while working on a computer) and StretchClock (to relieve you from continuous sting for hours).

Good air circulation

Fresh air or natural air is vital to keep your space well ventilated and free from pathogens. Make sure you have a good air circulation system. It is best to open windows at least once a day to enable the flow of fresh air. 

Good lightning

It is better to sit in a position where you can get natural light. However, ambient lighting is also important especially when you work after sunset. Rope LED lights, desk, or floor lamps are good and economical options to ensure you have enough lighting in the room. 

Create Some Comfy Space

Your home office space should have room to put in relaxing couches or sofas with small cushions and pillows. It gives you relief during breaks and enhances your productivity. 

Hide Things You Don’t Want to Look At

The clutter like unused cabinets, chairs, books, etc. are somethings that you wouldn't like to be around. Use a big carton to place all those things inside or shift them to other rooms or basement, if possible.  

Find the Best Location

Your home office location is largely based on your work needs. Are you going to have many conference calls? Will clients be visiting you? Do you have kids or pets at home to keep away from your office? Do you require storage for your files and other stuff? Knowing the answers to these questions helps you find the best spot in your home for your private workplace. And ideally, it should be away from distractions, has an exposure to natural light and ventilation, and must be neat and clean. 

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